Golf Decor - Horrible experience of shopping from Never again

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Shopping from has been a horrible experience.I made an order for express shipment (next day).

I received an e-mail two days later informing me that the order was on hold. No explanation given as to why. Sent an e-mail asking for explanation. No reply.

When I called I learned that they did not have the items I needed in stock and could not deliver all of them. They only had a couple of items and shipped those. No new shipment notification was sent. They put a receipt on the shipment with 6 times the value of the purchased goods.

The items got stock in customs because of their incorrect receipt. I e-mailed them to request a correction of receipt. No answer again. Losing two more days in the process, I called to ask for the same thing but they refused to listen and told me that I could return the purchase and hang up on me.

I had to call again and again to explain that they made a mistake on the receipt which cost me hundreds of dollars of shipping and customs fees.They refused to correct the mistake or even help.

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